Monday, February 21, 2011

Sting of the Flame

Brave. I will say as I was walking into Jon's room at the hospital Saturday night, the temptation to either walk away or just pull out some tubes of his if he was asleep was there, but I pushed them aside. Maybe it was a bad thing that I did. Maybe not. Only time will tell.

Anyways, as I set up my usual camera system and everything, Jon started waking up. We had some brief conversation, before I said I'd be trying an ink-blot test tonight to see something. I had hid the, what was it again, Operator Symbol in the middle of the stack, to see what kind of reaction he would give. It started off good, he seeing random objects as I would pretend to write them down. Then, the Operator Symbol card came up. And then, what's the phrase again? The shit hit the fuckin' fan.

The Operator Symbol, when Jon saw it, he froze directly in place. His mouth, which was talking at the time, was frozen mid sentence, as well as his eyes just blankly staring at the card. I tried calling out his name a few times, just to see if it would shake him out of it. It took him about five minutes to snap out of it. That's when the yelling and the flailing started to happen. It was like the past few times when he started speaking at that kind of speak where almost everything he said didn't make sense. Only this time, he was yelling it in the most god awful mix of anger and fear that anyone could ever hear.

It took the Doctors not even three minutes to come rushing into the room, trying to restrain Jon to where he was and giving him sedatives. But, it didn't seem to work at first. He just flailed harder and stronger, while yelling out random things. Then, he yelled out one more sentence before passing out altogether.

"Slender Man, have mercy and kill me now!"

That phrase is still ringing in my ears. As I stood in the back and watched it all happen, I swear I saw something outside Jon's window for a split moment. But, when I went to go look, it was gone. Strange, yes. But, the doctors were ushering me out of the room then, so I had to collect my things and go, being cautious to make sure no one saw the Operator Symbol card as I left.

I drove straight home and tried watching the video footage. But, something had gone wrong with the tapes. They were fine up onto the Operator card came up. Then, it looked like someone had tampered with them. The audio was extremely distorted, the video field was just as messed up. And, it looked like someone tall was standing in the corner next to Jon's bed the whole time. I've still yet to come up with an explanation for this, I was the only one who had even touched the camera, let alone there was no time to tamper with it at all. None of it added up.

Then, yesterday in the middle of the day, I got a call from the hospital. Jon was dead. He apparently had chewed through the restraints around his arms and slammed his head against the glass of his window until he bled to death on the floor. It was a pretty gruesome sight to see from the description of it. As I was talking to them on the phone, I looked out my window, and I swear to whatever deity you believe in I saw someone fucking standing there. Luckily, I was at the point where I could hang up my phone and just dive straight to the ground in fright. When I looked up, whoever was there was gone. But damn, it was freaky.

When I got up this morning the same window was open yet again. I'm sensing a pattern here, but I'm still a bit shaken up over Jon killing himself to think about it. I have the sanity to post this though and get a few opinions. Though, I feel like something is still at my window watching, but I really don't want to look right now.

Brave. Any other explanations for this? You're the only one I've heard from yet and you seem to know what you're talking about.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The First Unmasking

So... After working a bit of my computer working skills with multiple monitors, I think I may have figured out what Jon may be seeing when he's talking about the man. I'm sure you all are up to date on your internet memes, so it shouldn't come to surprise you when I tell you who it is. Apparently the figure Jon is seeing goes by the name of:

Slender Man.

Apparently the urban internet legend has come to find his way into Jon's mind. And, mind you, I have heard of this fellow before, but this is my first actual time hearing about him appearing to someone in Jon's mindstate before. I think I'm going to take the approach of just assuming that this 'Slender Man' is appearing exclusively in Jon's mind, maybe due to him watching videos of him and seeing pictures of him as well.

All of that, along with Jon's current mind state, could be the cause of 'him' appearing to Jon exclusively. But, I won't know until I meet with Jon more, and luckily I'm meeting with him tomorrow.

Also, while doing my research, I found... a symbol. I remember seeing it myself before, but I've decided to see if it affects Jon in any way.

Anyone aware of what this is? I don't really know myself, but I'm sure someone SHOULD know what it means.

Asphyxiated Chats

Funny, even after staying up most of the night to work on these chats, I don't remember leaving my window open. It got slightly cold when I woke up, but hopefully nothing to worry about at the moment. Now, onto more important matters. Like I previously said, I had stayed up most of the night to work on writing out the chat, to see if any of you might have any ideas as to what is going on with Jon. Now, I'm keeping the video chat to myself, so I'm just going to post up the 'script', if you will, of our chat.

Daedalus: "Hey Jon, how're you doing?"

Jon: "..."

D: "Still not in a talking mood?"

J: "...He knows."

D: "Hmm? Who knows what?"

J: "He knows I am here."

D: "Someone knows you are here in the hospital? Well, it's always nice to know that your friends and family know yo-"

J: "No, no, He knows I am here..."

D: "Jon, I'm not understanding."

J: "The man in the suit, he knows I'm here."

D: "Man in a suit?"

J: "Yes, he kinda looks like a skinny looking fella."

D: "Hmm, anything else you remember about him?"

J: "..." *Doesn't answer, but does seem to start to shudder a lot*

D: "Alright, you said he knows you're here?"

J: "Yeah, he was here last night."

D: "Last night? Did the doctors know?"

J: "No sir, when the nurse came in he was gone."

D: "Alright. I think that's enough for today, wouldn't you say so as well, Jon?"

J: "Yeah, I t-" *He tries finishing this sentence before he falls back onto his bed, starting to speak the incoherent language from last week again* (Again, the only words I pick out are Man, black, thin, follow and everywhere, although this time I get another one: Dark.)

And there's the interview, like I promised. Later tonight, I'm going to be looking on the internet to see what all I can find about this so called 'skinny looking fella' that Jon was talking about. I'm almost wondering if it is some condition I didn't learn about in college or that has been discovered recently, but I've got no proof to say otherwise.

Any ideas, bloggers? I know that this may seem strange but... any idea is appreciated, sincerely it is. I just need to figure out what is going on with him and I can help him get through it. I have another appointment with him tomorrow, and anything I can find tonight will greatly help out my hopes and such with helping out Jon. I'll be making another post tonight with my discoveries.

But, for now, a due, adieu, adieu, adieu, to you and you and you.


Song of the moment: Rooftops by Lostprophets. It's pretty nice, in my own opinion.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Entrance of the Maze

People have always talked about great things throughout all of history. Warriors, Gods, cities, empires, weapons, the list goes on and on and on. Almost everything of notice has been talked about by more than one tongue if it has gotten enough noise behind it. Alas, it seems that everyone wants to make a mark on history, mainly so that way they are no longer forgotten in this mystery we all seem to deem "Life." While some want to have a better say in how they want to shape the future, I'm simply okay with doing what little I can at the moment to help out future generations and to help those out in need at this time.

But, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself now aren't I? Looks like I've got a bit of explaining to do.

While my name isn't of much importance, those around me prefer to call me Daedalus, after the famous Greek inventor. I do not see why they decided to start that, but I enjoy the name nonetheless. I am currently twenty-four, no no, make that twenty-five years old since last week. For the last year, I have had a pretty decent career choice, although in order to get some second opinions on this thing, I've decided to post some recent discussions with my patients here. But, let's start with a bit of backstory first, shall we?

When I was twenty-three years of age, I had just graduated from college with a degree to become a therapist and help people of the world with their problems. Facing their fears, dealing with Daddy issues, y'know, the stuff that people like me would deal with for the rest of our lives. Almost a year later, I was working for a place full-time, starting off with people who had been having nervous break-downs and/or reoccurring nightmares that were disrupting their everyday life. At first, it seemed to be going well. I had set up video cameras to record my patients and help analyze things about them that I could pick up on a second look at them, and everything had been running smoothly.

Last month I got a patient, let's just call him Jon, that has been having breakdowns that have made him quit his job and try to hide under his blanket at home for hours on end. When I first met him, I thought he was just going to be another one of those patients I see three times a week to see if I can help him out with his problems. But, after the first few sessions, I could almost... tell something was odd. Every visit, he would sit there, not saying anything. At first, I thought it was just another phase of a patient, and that he would outgrow it. Putting it down on my notes once or twice, I didn't really think much of it for a while. But, every visit he would grow silent, not responding to anything that I said, or anything I did.

A week ago, I got a call at my apartment in the middle of the night. The police were on the other end, urgently needing me to come to Jon's house and talk him out of killing himself. Understanding the urgency of the situation, I got in my car and quickly drove to his house, seeing a line of SWAT cars there to try and help out the situation. They put a wire on me so they can hear our conversation, and six minutes later I am walking into Jon's house by means of the front door. There were no lights on, but luckily someone had been kind enough to lend me a flashlight so I can see inside. I heard Jon's voice in the other room, and so I start to walk there. But, even as I do, I feel like... something is off. It was a bit too quiet for my liking.

Inside Jon's room, it looked like a tornado had it it full force. Clothes scattered and torn every which way, magazines and papers ripped up on the floor, I think I remember a television being thrown into a wall. But what I remember most? Jon lying on his bed, speaking inconceivable languages. There was a gun near him, but at the moment he didn't seem to notice. Jon was simply staring out the window of the room, as if trying to see what was there while laying in his jumble of talking. As I'm staring at him, a few words appear here and there: Man, follow, black, thin, everywhere. About two minutes later, Jon seems to have a seizure of sorts, as his body starts flailing rapidly and in all directions, his eyes seeming to look at everywhere at once. Before I could even react, a team stormed the house, finding me in Jon's room quickly, before tending to Jon. They escorted me outside, assuring me that he would be alright, but for now they'd be transferring him to a medical ward, and that I would still be seeing him soon.

Yesterday I had my first chat with Jon, although I am still trying to decipher what all he said. Hopefully I can figure it out before my next appointment with him. I will be working all night on figuring out what he said, and hopefully I can have notes of it up by tomorrow.

But for now, live long and prosper, my fellow Earthlings.


Song of the Day: Sell Your Soul by Hollywood Undead. It's got a nice ring to it, doesn't it?